Safety, Defensive & Eco Driving and Riding Training

Safety, Defensive & Eco Driving and Riding Training

This is a defensive driving training activities that aimed to enhance the driving skills by the right way of thinking. Identify hazards and addressing the dangers by thinking and reacting precisely and safely. Making drivers ‘Safety, Defensive & Eco Driver / Rider” ( SAFE N CO ). That is the driver who has an understanding of the safety equipment and the vehicle itself , passengers and fellow road users , and be able to save on fuel consumption , exhaust emissions and can extend the life of vehicle components .

In this era, the awareness about health, safety and working environment becomes necessary, it has become even safety requirements for the company. Safe driving is an integral part of HSE.

Who needs this training :

 Government Agencies , National and Foreign Private

 Community Organizations Automotive or Motor Vehicle

 All road users in general

 Each Individual Users of Motor Vehicles

Training Consists Of:

1. In Class Training Session,

  • Managing Risk ( Risk Management )
  • Introduction of vehicle
  • Coping with Emergencies
  • Method S I A G A
  • Summary

Training is presented in Indonesian, along with abbreviations – abbreviations that are easy to remember and easy to digest by the participants , supported by audio- visual equipment and props .

2. Field Training,

The application method of highway ALERT

Training Practice highway ( On Road Driving Assessment ) , using the method comentary Driving , aims to provide an assessment to the participants when driving by applying methods that have been given ALERT theory session on Day One.

3. Customized Training Topics,

  1. Braking System & Construction
  2. Baggage Management
  3. Fatique Management
  4. Ladies Driver Driving Tips
  5. Road Rage
  6. Driving Fitness (Small exercise while driving )
  7. Eco Driving
  8. Etc