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Who We Are

IRSA is a provider of international training programs that enhance the knowledge and skills of driving from 2 wheels, 4 wheels and other type of vehicle. These training programs can be customized to the needs of client.

The Safety, Defensive and Eco Driving Training is one of the best action to support the road safety campaign based on the gloal and national regulations. This training activities aimed to enhance driving skills with the right way of thinking. Identify hazards and addressing the dangers by

  • Thinking and reacting fast.
  • Precise and secure.
  • Making drivers a Safety.
  • Defensive & Eco Driver or Rider or we called here “SAFE N CO”.

“SAFE N CO” Drivers should have an understanding of the road safety, vehicle safety equipment, properly understand how to drive or ride safely for himself, for passengers and for other road users. Able to save fuel consumption and to minimize exhaust emissions and extend the life of vehicle parts.

How It Work?

There are only a few easy steps until your traffic ticket is dismissed, your driving record is clean and your auto insurances rates are safe from increases:

Our Advantages

110 %
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110 %

Our Team

Our tem and trainer are professionals and experts in the field of Safety Driving and Riding which has been teaching of more than hundreds of companies and various government agencies since 1997. They have backgrounds from car racing or motor cross racing industry. Each trainer has a teaching certificate issued by the local and abroad training institutes as well as the National Professional Certification (BNSP).

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