Vision and Mission

Our Vision

To ensure that Indonesian roads are safe for every road users and to generate and sustain road safety awareness within the community, both now and into the future, IRSA recognized the need for a vision statement, together with a distinctive symbol which would raise public interest and support for road safety improvement.

Our Mission

To act as a focal point to identify, innovate, initiate and implement road safety priority programmes that will help reduce the number and severity of traffic accidents in Indonesia.

Through co-coordinating and working with the different government departments, transport associations, road safety stakeholders, educational bodies and community organizations, we aim to :

•Improve road user behavior through education and publicity;
•Enhance existing systems and processes to create a safer driving environment;
•Explore new technology and introduce relevant safety legislation to enforce effective deterrent measures;
•Build better roads and push for the manufacture of safer cars;
•Increase community ownership and partnerships of road safety; and
•conduct research and compile statistics to identify trends and areas of risk.