Road Safety

As the United Nations Resolution Number 64/255 dated March 10th 2010, about Improving Global Road Safety through a program called Decade of Action for Road Safety 2011-2020 and based on the President of Indonesia Instruction INPRES No. 4 TAHUN 2013 About “Program Aksi Keselamatan Jalan”. We would like to emphasize everyone about safety on the road.

Beside those global and national regulations, the awareness about health, safety and environment (HSE) has even more important and become one of standard safety requirements for all organizations. Road Safety and Safe Driving is also part of the HSE activity.

The Safety, Defensive and Eco Driving Training is one of the action to support the road safety campaign based on the above regulations. This is the training activities that aimed to enhance driving skills with the right way of thinking. Identify hazards and addressing the dangers by thinking and reacting fast, precise and secure. Making drivers a Safety, Defensive & Eco Driver or Rider or we called here “SAFE N CO”.

“SAFE N CO” Drivers should have an understanding of the road safety, vehicle safety equipment, properly understand how to drive or ride safely for himself, for passengers and for other road users. Able to save fuel consumption and to minimize exhaust emissions and extend the life of vehicle parts.

Who needs this training?

    • Government Agencies, National or Foreign Private Organization
    • Community Organizations Automotive or Motor Vehicle
    • Each Individual Users of Motor Vehicles
    • All road users in general